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Dental Exams & Cleanings

Dental Exams & Cleanings in Central Sacramento, CA

Attaining a beautiful smile begins during the first exam at Alhambra Dental Plaza. Serving the Sacramento area, Dr. Han Do provides a thorough and detailed examination to keep teeth at their healthiest. Dr. Do addresses anxieties and fears before getting started so you have a positive experience.  Routine exams and cleanings are the cornerstones of dental wellbeing, and Alhambra Dental Plaza guarantees quality and professionalism. 

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Comprehensive exams at Alhambra Dental Plaza

Dr. Do ensures we schedule enough time for your appointment to conduct a thorough initial exam, so all facets of your oral health are considered. We check for lesions and oral cancer which can literally save patients’ lives. If headaches or jaw pain are experienced, the temporomandibular joint is viewed for proper alignment.

Dr. Do also takes digital x-rays for a precise image of teeth and gums. Previous dental restorations are reviewed to see if they are still protecting teeth. Any bacterial irritation of the gums, known as gingivitis, is identified to prevent a more serious gum disease, periodontitis, from forming. Additionally, Dr. Do protects teeth with fluoride rinse, which has minerals that maintain the strength of teeth.  

Dental Hygiene Provided in Sacramento

A beautiful smile begins at home with twice daily brushing and flossing; however, a professional cleaning is also imperative to ensure the health of teeth and gums. At the Alhambra Dental Plaza, a thorough teeth cleaning prevents minor dental issues from becoming major complications.

A dental hygienist uses a special tool to scale plaque off teeth. Plaque is an acidic substance created by bacteria that leads to tooth decay. If plaque is untreated, it can grow above the gum line and form a more stubborn substance called tartar. When tartar attaches to the tooth root, a delicate process of scaling and root planning is necessary. If tartar is not removed, it can impact the root of a tooth, and lead to tooth loss.

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Routine exams and cleanings are key to maintain healthy smiles. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Do at the Alhambra Dental Plaza. His compassionate approach makes important routine visits pleasant, and he tailors treatment to meet individual health and beauty goals.

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