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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Central Sacramento, CA

Comprehensive Dental Implant Treatment

When teeth are missing due to severe infection or unforeseen trauma, it can significantly affect dental aesthetics and hinder self-confidence. At Alhambra Dental Plaza, Dr. Han Do and his team of oral health professionals believe this is no way to go through life. His years of experience helps provide complete tooth replacement services for patients looking to restore the beauty and function to their smiles.

Our practice handles every aspect of your treatment. By working with our in-house specialists for implant placement and affixing your custom-made restoration, we address your dental aesthetic needs and expectations comprehensively.  

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Replacing Missing Teeth from Root to Crown

To successfully restore your smile, Dr. Do and our team begin care by conducting a thorough examination of your dental state. Our dentist does not shy away from addressing complications such as decay or gum disease to ensure long-lasting dental health. With an open and honest discussion about our findings, we can create a restorative treatment plan that’s personalized to meet your needs.

The type of prosthetic required for your dental implant will depend on the number of teeth missing from your smile. For patients with a single tooth missing, we can offer a custom-crafted porcelain crown. When multiple teeth are missing in a row, a dental bridge represents an effective replacement option. For those missing an entire arch, implant-supported dentures will not shift or become dislodged, preserving your natural aesthetic.

Dental implants are unlike any other restorative procedure. They are a permanent, highly successful solution to missing teeth. The posts are surgically placed into the jawbone and act as artificial tooth roots, providing the necessary stimulation to the jaw for a strong foundation. As long as patients practice consistent oral health care, their dental implants should last a lifetime.

Let Us Restore the Natural Beauty of Your Smile

Dr. Do and his entire team at Alhambra Dental Plaza are committed to helping implant patients achieve optimal health and beautiful smiles through complete restorative treatment.

If you would like to address missing teeth and enhance your everyday life, call or visit our office today to set up an appointment. We look forward to helping you.  

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